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Current project:

In collaboration with the Traverse Theatre.

In Someone Else’s Shoes is an immersive 360 degree video project.

We all have a unique relationship to where we live, work or play – even as we share that place with thousands or millions of others. Our city is ours, and to see someone else’s view of it we must walk its streets in their shoes, see its sights with their eyes and truly hear their voices.

In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer transports you into the heart of another person’s life through immersive 360 degree video. Using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer you will step into someone else's shoes and explore Edinburgh’s many iterations, with all the surprises they contain.

From Raphael, originally from France, who has been keeping Edinburgh going during the pandemic as a supermarket delivery driver, to Trishna who runs a charity that empowers and supports Sikh women across Scotland, to Sienna – a young woman passionate about dancing – and many more.

Stepping into the shoes of our subjects, we can can briefly live their lives – seeing through their eyes and hearing their thoughts on their city right now. Exploring COVID concerns, the resurgence of Black Lives Matter and our relationship to arts and culture, In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer shares a vivid and tangible impression of Edinburgh’s unexpected summer, a city at a particular moment in time, when we are more connected than we have ever realised before.

A Traverse 3 Production, In Someone Else’s Shoes is a concept conceived and directed by theatre, film and VR director Hannah Price. In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer has been produced in collaboration with creative producer Wezi Mhura and features contributions from a range of real-life city residents.


Step into another life

They say to understand someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. In Someone Else's Shoes is a 360° video project that allows the viewer to do just that, with films that transport our audience into the heart of another person’s life. Through the magic of VR, you will stand in someone else's shoes and be given access to a normal day in the life of someone extraordinary.

Our launch project was 'In Someone Else's Shoes: 1984', at the Barbican in June 2019.


Made in partnership with the Orwell Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Barbican,  our first two films examine how we use technology today, and were created to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the publication of Orwell's '1984', the book that terrified millions with its dystopian vision of a future ruled by surveillance technology. 


Photo by Kevin Lake.

Our two incredible subjects were Peter Mitchell, a journalist, writer and recent rough sleeper on London’s streets, and Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 and the UK’s first stand-up comedian to use a communication aid in his routines. 


In Someone Else's Shoes: 1984 is brought to you by acclaimed theatre, film and VR director Hannah Price.



We invite you to walk #insomeoneelsesshoes



Barbican, June 7th- 9th 2019




Barbican, June 7th- 9th 2019


Orwell, and 1984


George Orwell is still regarded as one the key political writers of our age. His ideas permeate modern consciousness: from Big Brother to fears about surveillance, Orwell wrote the definitive version. In our post truth world, Orwell couldn't be more relevant. We explore tech and how we consume it in our upcoming project.  


The Barbican 


The Barbican was a perfect setting for Someone Else's Shoes: 1984. Its brutalist beauty is heralded the world over, and perfectly reflects Orwell's vision of a dystopian future, as well as how brutalist design far surpasses the perceived darkness of its form.

360° video and VR


We have long been inspired by 360° video. With a background in theatre and video games we understand that place is as important as people in storytelling. 360° video allows us to do both. Come and step into someone else's world. 

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