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In Someone Else's Shoes is a VR/360° video project aiming to transport or audience directly into the lives of others. 

The brainchild of Director Hannah Price, it fuses storytelling and technology: immersing audiences in new worlds. 

Hannah Price BW.jpg

We enter a room. Pairs of shoes are framed on the wall. Where are their owners?  Above each pair hangs a VR headset. 


Inside the headsets the first thing we see is someone putting on the shoes we have just seen. The VR headsets play a day-in-the-life film of the person to whom the shoes belong. The VR allows the audience to move directly into someone else’s life: to metaphorically wear someone else’s shoes. The experience invites the audience to experience what they experience, to see lives they would never see. We might see the life of a refugee in Cardiff, a formula one racing driver in Monaco, a mother in Syria, a rockstar in LA.


Each experience is curated thematically, yet the scope is endless. 


Hannah Price

Aron Rollin

Caitlin Albery -Beaven

Tom Miller

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